Salt Lake City Gallery Stroll

I was asked by Shades of Pale Brewery in Salt Lake City, UT to Curate their space for The Salt Lake Gallery Stroll from 2017-2018. This was a huge growing opportunity for me as I had only thus far been able to curate in 2-D. Bringing art into this space meant harnessing many more constructive skills for installation. This experience showed me how to make different varieties of art work together in 3-D.

Letters From The Curator (ROOT Magazine)

These letters are composed for my art publication, ROOT Magazine. I invite artists to be apart of the collection, and rather than edit I simply assist them in shaping their expression into publication form. They are the brain, and I am the hand, making the page space their canvas. Together we compose a work that is both entirely theirs and magazine-aesthetic. To read closer, click on the image of each letter to be taken to the full Issue.

shades of earth.jpg

Shades of Earth

This show I designed off of the name of the brewery "Shades of Pale" this ended up being something I ran with throughout my curator duties to keep things relevant. This particular show consisted of five artists: one textile artist, one acrylic painter, one photographer and two oil painters. The wide variety of artists was my hope to bring light to the many forms present in our ever changing environment.


Shades of Intrigue

Shades of Intrigue was a unique show in that it had two artists with very specific conceptual work. Each artist had their own derivative of psychological expression that then lead them to create their works. One was an acrylic painter as well as a crochet artist, The other was an oil painter and a sculptor.


Shades of Entropy

This show consisted of 16 artists, and was a collaboration between one of the artists and I for the curating. We ended up going with "Entropy" on account of the many interpretations of expression that were included in this show. I was apart of this show as an artist as well and debuted the first chapter of my "Burn Diaries: A Case Study" piece. This was a monumental show for me in that I displayed this very personal and vulnerable piece and also because it is the largest show I have organized to date.

Issue #1

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Issue #2


Issue #3

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Issue #4

Issue #5